Our Implementation Methodology – PROTO PRIME, is a proven, comprehensive approach used on all our projects to successfully increase user adoption, streamline processes, fulfill business transformation goals and regulatory requirements.



Discover & Analyze issues, challenges and goals to ensure a successful finance transformation project.

Test the implementation in totality for diverse use cases and business scenarios. Train client staff and provide self-service documentation on how to get the most value from their system

Design an integrated solution that incorporates finance and systems best practices. Configure models and reports that improve organizational integration, collaboration and planning.
Operate & Support the system, Process and transformation in totality with ongoing support

All of our methodologies are rooted in the concept of continuous improvement.  As we work through the design, implementation and testing components of your systems, we are constantly working with process owners to gain a deeper understanding of your business and in turn, identify where processes and controls can be improved.

Using this proven approach, we optimize your ROI and mitigate the reasons why other solution providers under-perform. But having clear priorities is not enough. We help you make the strategy happen. We collaborate with you to build a robust:

Staffing approach
Conversion and migration strategy
Quality assurance game plan including key checkpoints
Outsourced model if preferred
Systems integration strategy

Because we see a lot of patterns in successful companies, we are able to help you minimize the risk of a failed implementation. A key part of our approach is sharing BEST practices both within and outside your industry. And of course we also share what doesn’t work at all and where companies have made the biggest mistakes. At the end of the day we measure our success on how seamlessly your project goes and how it transforms your company.