Application programming interfaces (APIs) are gaining popularity in business, because of their ability to automate communication between disparate software systems.

As InfoWorld
said recently
, they “…hide complexity from developers, extend
systems to partners, organize code, and make components reusable.”

BlackLine’s APIs act as two-way streets, exchanging data
seamlessly between BlackLine and other applications—from ERP systems to
management dashboards. Because the APIs automate the import and export
processes, they enhance the performance of the data transfers.

Checking Import

The import APIs strengthen the integrity of import processes
by adding a status function.

“Some customers are importing data into BlackLine every 15
minutes,” says Stephen Wolfman, BlackLine’s Director of Product Management.

“They can check with the status API to make sure the imports
are successful. They don’t have to go and look for the file server, and they
know the data hasn’t been corrupted—which can sometimes happen when it’s going
between disconnected systems.”

BlackLine promises to continue building intelligence into
the APIs to provide additional information about transfer errors, further
streamlining the process.

Export to Tableaux

Export APIs let finance and business managers trigger
customized process workflows in BlackLine from centralized dashboards.

“This means that a business analyst using a dashboard like
Tableaux can call up the data from customized BlackLine reports, without having
to log on to BlackLine,” Wolfman says. “The user can then easily compare the
BlackLine results to other business KPIs to create multi-dimensional management

The reports could also route to an ERP system to review a
particular transaction, or to a financial disclosure report to verify an
account certification. Wolfman notes that users can schedule exports—daily or
weekly—depending on when they’re needed.

“The APIs ensure data integrity by tightly coupling operations systems with BlackLine,” he says. “This helps keep processes moving and informed, in Accounting and across the organization.”

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