BLACKLINE - Finance Controls and Automation platform

Digital disruption is driving finance innovation, and our mission is to be at the forefront of this technology movement by creating the tools that deliver real-time, actionable insights that drive dramatic improvements in efficiency within the accounting and finance organization.

Protominds is a trusted BlackLine Partner and we specialize in providing strategic advice, assessments, implementation and integrations to rapidly growing mid-sized businesses and global enterprises. The planning and product advice we give is drawn from our hands-on experience implementing, operating and supporting the same solutions we recommend.

BlackLine is the world’s most trusted solution for financial controls and automation. In order to accelerate finance transformation, BlackLine has worked closely with customers to identify the most complex, manual, and repetitive tasks in finance and accounting and to automate how they are processed, managed, and performed. The result is BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation Platform, delivering powerful cloud-based technology and real-time automation to give accounting and finance teams power over their processes. BlackLine’s vision for transforming the finance and accounting function truly modernizes processes and empowers real productivity gains.

BlackLine is a cloud-based solution that works alongside your existing accounting system(s) to accelerate the financial close by standardizing and automating accounting processes, while ensuring auditability and accuracy. As a BlackLine Partner, Protominds works alongside you to evaluate systems and processes, and then provide guidance on how Blackline can streamline your close processes.

Additionally, BlackLine enables companies to move beyond traditional period-end accounting and the legacy record-to-report process with Continuous Accounting. With this approach, end-of-the-period tasks are executed as early as possible, embedding them within workflows and day-to-day activities, and shaving days off the close process.

BlackLine addresses all of your Financial Controls and Automation needs


The BlackLine Financial Close Management solution empowers users to gain full control over the financial close process by streamlining accounting workflows, and producing financial and regulatory reporting in a timely manner, while ensuring accuracy and compliance auditability.

Download the Financial Close Management brochure.


The BlackLine Reconciliation Management solution standardizes, automates, and streamlines all types of reconciliations including balance sheet, bank, credit card, and other operational reconciliations, as well as reconciliations between systems, regulatory standards, and numerous other areas.

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BlackLine Intercompany Hub is a clearinghouse for intercompany transactions that eliminates after-the-fact manual reconciliations and settlements. The Intercompany Hub centrally interfaces with all of a company’s core ERP systems and other systems, collecting and distributing intercompany transactional data on a centralized basis.

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The Controls Assurance solution empowers accounting teams to meet the challenges they face documenting and overseeing the testing of their internal controls environment.

Improve Efficiency, Visibility and Control over the Financial Close

BlackLine offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that replaces manual, labor-intensive processes in finance and accounting with an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain application. Companies that use the BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation Platform have significantly improved efficiency, visibility and control over the financial close.