About ProtoMinds


Protominds is a leading FinTech Consulting & Services company based in California, serving a growing list of customers nationwide and internationally through its operations spread across the USA, India & Australia. Our core areas of expertise are

  • Consulting and Services for Accounting Standards Compliance
  • Enterprise Financial Solutions
  • Analytics

We deliver best-in-class financial controls and automation, systems integration and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as well as value-added consulting services to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Protomind’s success is enabled by our aggressive growth strategy anchored around a constant “evolve and solve” thought process and never being satisfied with the status quo. We strive to consistently improve our offerings by adding new service lines, technology solutions and specialized expertise that will help us advance our client’s business goals.


Protominds is a FinTech Consulting & Services Company that you can trust upon to think strategically, to provide sound insights that lead to positive action in the digital transformation journey. We address not only your compliance issues, but also your underlying business challenges — assessing opportunities, weighing risks, and exploring the practical implications of both your short- and long-term decisions. Our thought process based options are fully aligned with your organization’s strategy to address your various business challenges through proven methodologies and solutions. Implement technology to automate business for optimization of resources , provide proven financial and best practices to add value across the company, Realign resources by consulting with your teams to resolve operational issues, Address compliance challenges by tracking evolving changes and implementing appropriate automated solutions.


Guiding and Enabling Companies Through Digital Transformation. – Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients in their enterprise transformation and digitalization journey through the process of strategic change. We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by globalization and technology needs of digitalization. Our role is to act as a trusted advisor, putting clients first, providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation focused on finding better ways to meet their needs, demonstrating ownership though initiative, accountability, respect, trust, transparency, and collaboration.

Our world is characterized by accelerating transformational change. Revolutions in information technology and enterprise financial transformation are changing the ways in which businesses function. As change occurs, sources of competitive advantage transform quickly and irrevocable. Barriers to entry fall, and the product lifecycle accelerates. Companies must adapt lean management, agile and efficient processes and focus on continual improvement. Customer-centered processes are required that address the needs of Investors, customers and other key stakeholders. In a global market, professions are dynamic and fast changing, requiring continual enhancement of qualifications and knowledge. As we move towards a global shareholder and a knowledge economy, the quality and efficiency of human resources constitutes a key competitive advantage to any firm and, by extension, to any society.

Core Values

Our company, consultants and project work are defined by five core values, which form an integral part of our identity and operations:


We base our work on knowledge acquired through our own experience as well as through that of other consultants, managers and practitioners. We continually invest in the development of our in-house knowledge base, our consultants and our ability to perform.

Intellectual Rigor

We design and apply in-depth analytical and problem-solving techniques. Our approach is rooted in empirical, replicable findings that lead to consistent results. We approach each project as a unique case that merits a unique solution, arrived at independently.


We work in an ethical and transparent manner. We create a balanced, motivating and rewarding environment for our consultants, enabling them to achieve success. We work fairly with clients, and never compromise client data or information.

Value Creation

We exist to create value. Our consultancy interventions lead to a real benefit for our clients. We honor our commitments.

Honesty and Objectivity

We approach our work in an objective, scientific way. We do not alter our research or analysis to suit non-transparent objectives.

Venki Kumar

Venki Kumar

President and Co-Founder

23+ years of leadership experience recognized for consistently delivering results in systems transformation for startups preparing for IPO readiness and scaling for growth organically and through acquisitions. Implemented enterprise technologies and architected custom build web applications transforming complex operating processes and customer engagement tools. Has managed corporate and engineering infrastructure operations bringing speed and agility in managing and operationalizing on cloud and on-premise.
Sri Raju

Sri Raju

CEO and Co-Founder

Strategic Leader and entrepreneur with 24 + Years of Experience in Information Technology, Telecom & Digital Transformation Domains with extensive global business leadership experience in handling Diverse Functions across corporates. Built many highly empowered successful global teams through strategic relationship, entrepreneurial and operational leadership with proven experience in all facets of global delivery operations model and financial business models. Known for intensity, persuasive demeanor, team leadership and strong drive for growth.


C P Murali

C P Murali

Investor and Board Advisor

Former President and Chief Operating Officer of Aricent, a KKR owned engineering services company. Currently Board Advisor and Active investor to an innovative e-commerce venture – Urdoorstep.com and iMedrix, a healthcare company. Member of GLG council , providing consulting services and analyse industry trends with various funds and international investors on opportunities in technology and services space

Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald

Independent CFO & Director, Monarch Development Group

Experienced tech company CFO with expertise in managing Finance, Accounting, Investor Relations, Corporate Development, Human Resources, Legal and Information Technology functions. Successful CFO tenure at four public and two private companies resulting in IPO or M&A transaction. Pioneered numerous private and public company M&A’s resulting in over $2B in successful transactions and have raised over $300M in capital funding. Managed multiple companies with market capitalizations in excess of $1B and have extensive experience dealing with Wall Street, Board of Directors and the Venture community. Additional experiences include Board of Director role as Audit Committee Chairman and Independent Director at fast growing private technology company.



Legal Advisor

Himanshu is a qualified lawyer having a diverse and vast experience, both as an in house counsel in some of the leading global corporations, and as a practicing attorney. He currently runs his law practice under the brand name “Treya Legal” with offices in the National Capital Region, Chandigarh and Bangalore. Total Work Experience: He has a total work experience of over 23 years, with a mix of private practice and in-house counsel roles. Corporates Served: Himanshu held senior leadership positions in corporations such as Microsoft, WNS, Aricent and DLF and was the Sr. Vice President& Head Legal for DLF in his last corporate assignment.